Delsol The School

MBA, Preston University
B Pharm, University of Balochistan


Currently serving as the Principal of both Dawood Public School and A Level College, Mahvash Roshani has served as the catalyst for school’s growth in both its pursuit of academic excellence and developing stronger Extracurricular programmes. She joined the institution in 2012, with an impressive experience preceding her.  Prior to joining this coveted position, she had proved her mettle in heading prestigious institutions such as the “Lahore Grammar School” and “The City School”.

She has a multi-faceted background with an expanse of experience spanning administrative positions in a wide variety of fields. She started her career in her parent field, Pharmacy and continued for five years before switching over to administration and then academics; her true calling.  With a unique sense of duty, she joined numerous UN, UNHCR and IUCN projects and worked for the underprivileged in her home province of Balochistan.

With an impressive St. Joseph’s schooling under her belt, she has always been driven with a rare sense of purpose coupled with a high level of integrity; virtues which have given her success at every venture she has undertaken. She has streamlined policies, developed institutional procedures, trained existing staff, introduced cohesive enhancement in almost every workplace she has been a part of.

In the world of academia, she began as an O level teacher at The City School working her way up the ladder with a grounded understanding of the technicalities of lessons, syllabi and student development.  She excelled in all positions of responsibility; earning her place amidst heavy competition at all the three top positions she has held.

At Dawood Public School, she is the symbol of progress and vision.  Her years at the School have spelled advancement in every aspect. From enhancement of teacher potential with professional training to student empowerment with provision of individual as well as collective opportunity; from including the vital opinion of parents in the decision making process, to streamlining the curriculum parameters; from standing tall behind the ambitious mega events every so often, to counseling new admission students with sensitivity and compassion.

With uncountable trainings at almost all developmental academic institutions, she was the perfect choice for being selected for the pilot project of University of Cambridge to bring a ‘Leadership for Learning’ to Pakistan. With a vision and capacity to infuse ideas and acceptance for change. She has led from the front to transform the project to a sustainable procedure which has been selected as the best, in an international pool of contestants.

She is blessed with a strong psychological insight which drives her recruitment of staff with extraordinary potential and enables her excellence in drawing out the best from everyone.  She has for years been known for instilling drive, motivation and self belief in not only the faculty who work with her, but also the 2500 students at the School she proudly thinks of as home. She continues to serve Dawood Public School and the A Level College with the same vigour and determination.