Policies & Procedures

Welcome to DELSOL THE SCHOOL.  Our aim is to create a learning community where students, teachers and parents work together to achieve intellectual, personal and social goals.  We are pleased to make you a part of our team.

In this handbook, you will find information that promotes a safe environment and communicates school routines and policies.  It also provides guidance on ways to visit the school, methods to contact school personnel, how to schedule PTMs and where and how to get help when needed.  The following information would be helpful for you to adjust your child comfortably in school.  We suggest you read it carefully and keep it so you can refer to it during the year.

Regularity of attendance and punctuality are important in the academic progress of the child and in his/her character training.  Students should strive to maintain 100% attendance throughout the school year.

Absence only on medical grounds is acceptable, when supported by a medical certificate.  Parents may request permission for any other absence only in emergency situations.  Irregular attendance will not be tolerated and students may be held back in the same grade at the end of the year, in case of poor academic results.

Reporting time – Reporting time to school is 7:45 am.

        Late arrivals – School gates closes at 7:50 am daily. Students arriving late will be sent back. (No exceptions)


Early departures – No child is permitted to leave the school during school hours, unless accompanied by a parent or adult nominated by the parent.  Please notify the school administration in writing or confirm by telephone if special arrangements need to be made.  If you collect your children early, it is important to ‘sign them out’ in the office.  The office staff will issue an ‘early departure’ slip.  This will be handed over to the teacher in order for her to release your child.

Please ensure that you drop and pick up your child at the gate on time – neither late nor early, show their I.D. Card, and cooperate with our gate staff to ensure a smooth and safe traffic flow.

Students must attend all lessons and remain in school throughout school hours.  If they have to take leave from any lesson due to illness, they must:

  1. Obtain the permission of their teacher, and report to the office
  2. Explain the symptoms and if necessary, the school will call home

We want punctual, regular attendance; but a sick, unhappy child cannot concentrate on learning and there is also the possibility of infecting others.  For the health and well-being of your child and of others at school, keep your child at home for the following reasons:

  • A fever – a child should remain home for 24 hours after the fever is gone.
  • Sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Red, crusty, itchy eyes (conjunctivitis or pink eye is very contagious). The child must be kept at home for 48 hours while being treated and should only return to school if there is no discharge from the eyes.
  • A runny nose if there is colored nasal mucous.

Please call if your child has a communicable illness or infestation such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, conjunctivitis, mites or head lice.  Your child’s identity is protected.  A medical certificate from the doctor will be required for serious illnesses.

We do our best to make sure that school is a safe environment for our students.  Delsol will not be responsible for any injury.  In case of a minor injury, FIRST-AID will be provided and if needed, parents will be contacted immediately.  Injuries requiring further treatment after FIRST-AID will be taken to a nearby ER.  All expenses will be borne by the parent.

All admitants to the school are charged an admission fee and a refundable security deposit.  Early withdrawal within the first year will result in the forfeiture of the full security deposit.  Admission, tuition and all types of fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.  In case of non-payment of the fee for the quarter, the administration has the right to take severe action.

The school follows a quarterly fee structure.  The fee is payable for all twelve calendar months.  Late payment of fee incurs a daily fine.

Fee for vacational period will be charged in advance along with the monthly dues.

All admissions are for the academic year, beginning in August, and ending in July of the following year.  In the event of a withdrawal during the academic year, a three month notice in writing is required.  Withdrawal notice before the 15th of a month will be counted for current month. Thereafter, it will be counted for the following month.  Withdrawal in the second term will be liable to pay the June & July tuition fee. Withdrawal at the end of the academic year without notice will also result in the forfeiture of full security deposit.

The security deposit cannot and will not be adjusted against fee. It will be refunded after all dues are cleared.

School leaving certificate, letter of recommendation, school transcripts, and other official documents will be issued to parents who have cleared all their dues.  If a student is absent for a month without informing the school, his/her name will be taken off the roster.  A three month notice policy for the fee liability will be enforced and will also result in the forfeiture of the full security deposit.

Re-admission charges will apply to parents who do not avail the withdrawal notice.

All leave applications must be submitted to Delsol Administration in writing. Long term leaves are approved only for medical or important/urgent travel reasons with proof. Parents must pay the full tuition fee on time during the leave period of 1 – 6 months. Tuition fee will be reduced to 50% from the seventh month onwards where necessary.

Fee is subject to annual review and may be revised depending on various calculable factors.

New Students/Parents: Toddlers & Playgroup

Parent/child separation anxiety is not unusual.  A child is bound to feel a little uncomfortable in a new environment, which is why we have kept a ramp-up time for toddlers and playgroup.  This ramp-up time is determined by the teachers.  Parents will not be allowed to stay in school after the first week, and maids are strictly not allowed in school.

Parents are allowed to pick up their child from the classrooms and meet the class teacher only on assigned days.  Rest of the days, parents will not be allowed to visit or pick up their child from the classrooms; the process will be handled at the school gate.

Formal Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are scheduled once per term.  Any other meetings with teachers or administration need to be pre-arranged with an appointment.  It is compulsory for parents to attend all PTMs.

Please assist your child in completing the assigned homework.  For the most part, we want the child to produce the work independently with minimum assistance from the parents.  Also check the communication notebooks, detach the memos, and sign as necessary.   In case your child is absent from school, it is your responsibility to meet the class teacher and get the missed homework/classwork and have it completed on time.  Similarly, when going on leave, work needs to be taken from the teacher in advance so that during the absence, all the work is covered up for.

In case of unexpected school closure and government holidays, school administration will inform you through SMS.  Please do not rely on any other source.

Delsol’s dress code is smart casual.  The items that are not allowed are:

  • Flip-flops
  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Jewelry items
  • Other casual clothing

Send your child dressed for outside play.  Tennis shoes are preferable.  We also recommend Velcro shoes instead of shoes with laces.  Children’s clothing should be uncomplicated so that they can easily use the bathroom by themselves.

Please remember to keep a change of clothing (and diapers if your child wears them) in the classroom.  The clothes have to be replaced every time your child needs to change at school.  We will send the soiled clothes home the same day.

It is important that you label your child’s belongings. Toys, mobile phones, money, and cosmetic items are strictly not allowed.  They cause too many problems and are easily lost.

Your child will need to bring a snack bag to school every day.  Please label the outside of the snack bag and box with your child’s name.  Enclosed is a snack menu that needs to be followed.  Fridays are snack days of your child’s choice.  Candies and soft drinks are not allowed at any time.

For birthday celebrations, please inform the school administration at least a week in advance.  Birthday celebrations are scheduled during the snack time only.  You can only bring cake along with paper plates, spoons and napkins.  Other snacks and goody bags are strictly not allowed.

If any information of the student/parent (for example, phone number, medical condition, etc) needs to be changed, the school needs to be informed immediately.

We must be able to contact a parent at home or work if an accident occurs at school.  Make sure you respond immediately when contacted by the school, in case of an emergency. The parents and person on the emergency contact list must always be available over the phone during school hours.

If you cannot be contacted during the day, nominate a relative, friend, or neighbor who will be able to provide a link between school and child.  Immediate response will be required when the school calls.

If your child has any special needs, please inform the school administration and the teacher.

We hope this information is helpful to you.  Please contact us if you have any inquiries or concerns.


Delsol Administration