Curricular & Co-curricular Activities

Learn to read QURAN

Our after school “Learn to Read QURAN” program is very close to our heart. Highly trained and compassionate female QURAN teachers introduce the Qaida to our preschoolers in the most humble and interactive way.

Qaida exercises start with basic Arabic alphabets. Students learn the recognition of letters in individual and compound forms. They learn proper sounds of each letter. They learn how long should a movement be stretched, and the rules of noon sakin, meem sakin and waqf, which helps their ability to read QURAN with proper pronunciation.

Arts & Craft

Delsol’s Arts & Craft program is the most exciting activity for students of all grade levels (Elelementary-High School). Our fun filled curriculum focuses on different elements of art such as drawing techniques, still life, oil and water colour painting, pastel work, clay modelling, recycling, charcoal work, acrylic painting, paper craft etc.

Art and creativity teach problem-solving, which is a critical skill for success in life. By engaging in artistic activities and study, students develop confidence in their abilities, improve hand-eye coordination, gain self-esteem & self-expression, learn to innovate, become creative and enhance their decision-making skills.

Our yearly Grand Art Exhibition provides our students the opportunity to exhibit their creative work to the community.


Swimming strengthens toddlers on the inside as well as help to develop their muscles and joints. It also improves the strength of their heart and lungs, and helps to develop the brain and improve sleeping pattern.

Delsol The School have collaborated a swimming program with Avari Hotel, which happens to have one of the best swimming training program in the city.

Inline Skating

Inline Skating is a good fitness, fun and social activity for young skaters age 2.5 and up.

Inline skating trains and teaches balance and strength as well as some judgment and skills to avoid obstacles.

Many of the ice, inline and roller skaters who have become world-class competitors started skating as toddlers and grew up thinking of skates as an extension of their own feet.

Music Activities

Students engage in fun filled activities of children songs and nursery rhymes combined with creative movements in a joyful way, developing physical skills, channeling energy and stimulate imagination and creativity.

It also helps develop other skills including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language and overall literacy, helping the body and the mind work together.

World Languages
(Arabic, French, German & Chinese)

Acquiring languages other than English and Urdu and having a basic understanding of other cultures are important skills in today’s world. Delsol’s language program lays the foundation for our students in these critical areas.

The primary goals of the language program are: increased awareness and appreciation of different cultures around the globe; an understanding of the value of communicating in another language; and, acquisition of basic words and phrases.


The library is the heart of Delsol’s educational resources and its literacy programs, with over 15,000 volumes and extensive pre-filtered, age-appropriate books.

During their weekly class visit to the library, students listen to a story or chapter being read aloud, discuss books, learn about authors, and check out recreational or curriculum-specific books. Many library activities support classroom instruction.

There is an array of library-sponsored programs that encourage and support literacy, including a book fair each year.

Delsol’s librarian is an important resource for students, whether for suggestions on books for interest-based reading or for help in locating information for reports and research.

Computer & Technology

Teachers and students in the elementary grades access computer lab for whole or small-group instruction. Our dedicated Lab is equipped with new computers and a full-time technology specialist teacher. In the weekly technology classes, students receive computer/technology instruction designed to enhance their use of technology in their daily lives. The ethical and safe use of online technologies is an important element of the curriculum.

Physical Education & Sports

Life-long fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership skills are important aspects of Delsol’s physical education (P.E.) program, taught by two full-time physical education specialists.

The physical education program emphasizes skill-building for team and individual sports while incorporating activities that promote coordination, fitness, and physical development.

Students have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills in Soccer, Cricket, In-Line skating and Taekwondo.

Delsol students (Girls & Boys) compete in leagues and tournaments representing the school teams of Cricket, Soccer & Taekwondo.

Performing Arts

Delsol’s performing arts is an integral part of our academic program that provide students with the opportunity to engage the mind, the body, and emotions, expand their imagination and help them develop their own, unique voice. Students explore and express great themes and ideas through their performance, allowing them to develop their self- confidence and self- belief, and find joy in self-expression.

Students meet twice weekly with our art and music specialist teachers. Music, drama and public speaking are a part of the curriculum.

Other Important Celebrations at Delsol The School

  • Sports Day
  • Spring Festival
  • Sound Party
  • Earth Day
  • Children’s Day
  • Pet Day
  • Concert
  • Art Exhibition