Pre School


(Playgroup – KG)

Our Preschool is just what a child needs when stepping in the forum of learning. During the early years, we nurture the development of each child socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and creatively. Students are helped build a strong foundation of basic skills and competencies, to gain self-confidence, ability to communicate and become curious to explore the world around them.

Implementation of hands-on learning program helps children try out, organize and integrate new information, ideas and concepts to build their understanding of the world.

A key strategy for teacher-student interaction is sharing control with children. Experienced and trained teachers who understand child development and how to promote a positive supportive climate in the preschool years offer guidance and support.

Classrooms are arranged with distinct, well-equipped learning corners to promote and support active learning. These learning areas are organized around specific kinds of play; for example, blocks, pretend & play, table top toys, books, sand & water tables, and art.

Daily Life at Preschool

Each day, children engage in a consistent routine that allows time for children to plan, carry out, and reflect on their own learning as well as time to engage in small-and-large group activities. Key elements of the preschool daily routine includes circle time,learning & work time, small & large groups time, story time, music time, and indoor–outdoor play time.

Learn to read QURAN

Our after school “Learn to Read QURAN” program is very close to our heart. Highly trained and compassionate female QURAN teachers introduce the Qaida to our preschoolers in the most humble and interactive way.

Qaida exercises start with basic Arabic alphabets. Students learn the recognition of letters in individual and compound forms. They learn proper sounds of each letter. They learn how long should a movement be stretched, and the rules of noon sakin, meemsakin and waqf, which helps their ability to read QURAN with proper pronunciation.

Arts & Craft

Arts and craft activities help instill a sense of achievement and pride in children, boosting their self-confidence. The opportunity to create whatever a child desires helps foster creativity. A child will learn to make correct and effective decisions by facing and solving artistic challenges.

Our specially designed and dedicated art room gives them the opportunity to never let go of their creative imagination.

Music Activities

Students engage in fun filled activities of children songs and nursery rhymes combined with creative movements in a joyful way, developing physical skills, channeling energy and stimulate imagination and creativity.

It also helps develop other skills including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language and overall literacy, helping the body and the mind work together.

Physical Activities

Children between 2-5 years old need a lot of variety of movement. As part of our Physical Activity program, children are engaged in both, unstructured & active playtime, as well as have access to plenty of fun and simple activities that helps them stay active and develop skills in a variety of ways.


Swimming strengthens toddlers on the inside as well as help to develop their muscles and joints. It also improves the strength of their heart and lungs, and helps to develop the brain and improve sleeping pattern.

Delsol The School have collaborated a swimming program with Avari Hotel, which happens to have one of the best swimming training program in the city.

Inline Skating

Inline Skating is a good fitness, fun and social activity for young skaters age 2.5 and up.

Inline skating trains and teaches balance and strength as well as some judgment and skills to avoid obstacles.

Many of the ice, inline and roller skaters who have become world-class competitors started skating as toddlers and grew up thinking of skates as an extension of their own feet.

Lil’ Kickers Soccer program

Whether they already love soccer or have never kicked a ball before, our Preschoolers love kicking the ball.

By playing fun soccer games we see development in the following areas;

Attention and listening skills

Balance and co-ordination

Increased physical skills

Social awareness

Team interaction

Improve self-confidence


Show and tell is used to develop storytelling ability, bridge school and home, forge connections and bonds between students, help teachers to gain a better understanding of their students, and enhance student’s communication skills, including around feelings.

Show and tell also act as an ice breaker and help children connect with their peers in new ways. For example, during a show and tell children may learn new things about each other and may chat if they have discovered they’ve been to the same place on holiday or played the same sport.

Benefits of Show-and -Tell

The children are given the opportunity to speak in front of others.

Each child gets to be the centre of attention.

Children share things from home with their friends and the teacher.

Children choose items that are meaningful to them to talk about.


By playing fun soccer games and participating

Other Important Celebrations at Delsol Preschool

Grandparents Day is celebrated yearly at Delsol Preschool to honour grandparents for the love and support they provide to their grandchildren

“A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.”

Grandparents  teach their grandchildren life lessons and tell them stories about their lives and the rest of the family. The grandchildren can also teach their grandparents a lot by keeping them up to date with what’s new and help them with technology.